Coastal Flatbreads Catering

Dinner Party Food Examples, Delivered Hot or Oven Ready. Minimum 4 people

Dinner Party Food Examples from £8.25 per person

  • Braised Lamb Tagine & Garlic Sourdough.
  • Spatchcock Oven Roast Mexican Chicken & Roasted Vegetables served with Hassleback Sweet Potatoes.
  • Local Beef Steak Chilli & Smoked Paprika Rice, served with Tortillas & Dips.
  • Low & Slow Pulled Lancashire Pork & Sweet Potato Champ served with Seasonal Veg.
  • Braised Lancashire Beef & Guinness Stew served with Sourdough Bread "n" Yorkshire Butter.

Vegan Bay Menu from £7.95 per person

  • Vegan Sausage Hot Pot ( organic tomato-based sauce) & Sourdough Rolls.
  • Balsamic Roast Beetroot & Spiced Falafel Skewers served with Chilli Bean Stew.
  • Local Beef Steak Chilli & Smoked Paprika Rice, served with Tortillas & Dips.
  • Duckish (soya) Chow Mein & Steamed Greens.

Coastal Flatbreads Catering


Above is one of our bespoke dinner party events for a 40th birthday party. We took the story of how this couple met and created this menu to contain the memories of memorable days they had together.  Our client gave us a list of memories to be included through the three-course meal.

Roast Belly of Lancashire Pork

Seasonal Local Vegetables

Black Garlic Tuile

8hr Pork & Marrowbone Gravy


Premium Menu

Oven Ready

Made Fresh To Order

  • Free Range Chicken Breat Poached in Soy & Ginger Cooking Liquer & Steamed Vegetable

    Deliciously fresh dish, succulant poached chicken breast, we add a selection of stemed chinese vegetables to the dish which sit on bed of egg noodles.
  • Rolled Shin of Braised Lancashire Beef & Smoked Garlic. Champ Croquette & Roasted Root Veg

    This is a rich and hearty dish, we slow braise the beef for 12 hours in herbs and roasted smoked garlic, we add white wine butter to the veg and serve it up with a champ croquette and steamed baby spinach.
  • Beetroot & Balsamic Roast Salmon Fillet, with Roasted New Potatoes & Butter Poached Broccoli

    Scottish Salmon Fillet, Garden Beets & Balsamic Oil, Roasted with Oak Chippings, accompanied with a large dish of Roast New Potatoes and Steamed Vegetables.