About us

Coastal Flatbreads

Stone baked in store

Our philosophy is to respect the food and the environment from which it comes. We aim to partner with suppliers based on their level of commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices. We aim to exercise 100% utilization of our products.

Our food-

Handcrafted food is our passion and seasonality plays a dynamic role in our menu. We take pride in serving delicious food to our customers, from preparing all of our flatbread dough in-house to making all of our own sauces, marinades & rubs. Working with fresh seasonal ingredients allows the natural flavours of the food to shine through each dish.

Our chef-

All of our delicious recipes are created by Chef Warren Sharples, Head Chef of Coastal Flatbreads Catering, he has over 30 years of culinary experience throughout Lancashire & The Cumbrian Fells, also France, Sydney, Melbourne Australia & Scotland. He is passionate about showcasing the best that nature has to offer in every season. Warren draws inspiration from his brothers work with the National Trust and his travels around the world, he loves the delicious local produce that showcases what Lancashire & Cumbria has on offer.

Our Catering-

Each event is unique and we will work with you to craft a menu and event proposal based on your individual preferences. Warren has been catering for over 30 years of combined experience in event management and has catered for many different sizes and types of events from 12-3500 in one weekend. In his career Warren has won awards for customer care, sustainability, product development & creating award-winning products within a seven-mile radius, he founded a multi-award-winning concept, From Farm To Fork in 2009 within education to improve the health & well-being of our young children. 

Our services-

  • Launch Parties
  • Festivals Day/Weekend Events
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Low Carbon Events (coming soon) 
  • Wood Fired Pizza Trailer Events (coming soon)


Stepping away from tradition-

Our themed events sometimes require us to buy authentic ingredients from across the globe, we would with your approval, seek to source fresh seasonal & local produce when possible, for example, an authentic Italian pizza sauce would require us purchasing Italian grown tomatoes, I’m sure you would agree English grown vine tomatoes would bring something very special to your pizza, combined with our own larch wood-fired oven mmmmwa !

Our Wood Fired Pizza Trailer (coming soon)

We keep it simple with our own larch woodland in the heart of the English Lakes, your food will be sustainably fired and lightly smoked.

Low Carbon Events-

An inspirational visit to Cumbria with my brother, which we apply named take your brother to work day, left me thinking about the commitment & passion Garry has to the world we live in also the carbon footprint we all leave behind us... As a Chef, I wondered can Stephen & I deliver an event where we reduce the footprint but still maintain our passions for beautiful, local & seasonal food.

Our Green Ethos-

The environment is extremely important to all of the Artivan team. We constantly strive to make advancements in every aspect of the company when it comes to being eco-friendly.

Our Main Supplier

Whitewells Catering Supplies Ltd. Morecambe, they were not only the most passionate about moving towards a greener future they are also only 2.4 miles away from Coastal Flatbreads.

Whilst you might think that our approach isn’t sustainability friendly, we use when possible a lot natural/plant derived or recycled products. We then reinvent these for different occasions or ensure they go to a local recycling centre. At Ativan we don’t let anything go to waste. If there is a way we can turn it into something beautiful we will always endeavour to do so.

Understandably, being part of the outside catering fraternity, there is food and utensils being cast aside daily. We have been inspired with visits to the National trust Hydro Stations and have created a low carbon food production option for our catering trailers & wedding services.

Zero Food Waste-

Our mission is to create a zero food waste event, this would primarily lend itself to a pre-booked event, working together we would create a very special menu to utilise everything and throw nothing away.

Flatbread Dough-

For us, it’s all about the dough. Ours is a natural yeast, made fresh for every event by our chef. You can’t hurry the dough. It’s left to prove slowly for between 24 and 36 hours, giving fantastic flavour, a thin, light bread with a great crust.

Simple Honest Sauce-

We use good quality tomatoes, blended with English garden oregano & a pinch of sea salt. That’s all!

The Toppings-

We look to our local producer to find that something special.

If you like meat on your pizza, Italian and Spanish & UK charcuterie are available.

Vegan & Vegetarian specials are always available.

Our Catering -

The Chefs Hat Catering

We always strive to source local beef to create our burgers, we lightly season just before cooking with sea salt & pepper that is it!!


Premium Bowl Food-

Beef fillet, hand-sliced chips, and bearnaise sauce.

Seared tuna taco, with avocado and chilli salad.

Spiced crayfish tortellini, saffron cream, micro cress.

Seared tuna taco, with avocado and chilli salad.

Beetroot confit salmon, horseradish pannacotta, pickled radish.


Chunky lamb chilli con carne, sticky rice, nachos, sour cream and guacamole.

Corn fed chicken and chorizo pilaf, black garlic purée, pea shoots.

Signature BBQ glazed beef brisket, red cabbage slaw, sweet potato fries. Smoked duck, blood orange salsa, caramelized walnuts.

Molasses Braised Pork belly with smoked butter mash.

Pulled duck & chilli salad, Carefully spiced potatoes and roasted seasonal vegetables.

Chilli beef nacho, sour cream, guacamole. Pulled beef brisket, horseradish mash, honey glazed rainbow carrots.

Pork belly squares, roasted apples, dijon mash, calvados gravy, crackling.

Pulled ham hock, whole grain mustard slaw.

Potted duck, glazed orange and frosted pecan.

Fish & Seafood-

Tempura sea bass, honey & soy glaze, sesame noodles.

Roasted salmon, chorizo & butter bean cassoulet.

Panko crumbed cod bites, paprika & garlic, katsu curry sauce.

grilled tiger prawns, egg noodles, mango, ginger, lemongrass chilli.

Fire-roasted sea bass, honey & soy glaze, sesame & spring onion noodles.

Roasted monkfish, chorizo & butter bean cassoulet.

Cod bites & chips.


Woodfired Paella with chicken, seafood, rice, saffron and mixed vegetables

Vegetarian Paella with rice, mixed vegetables and beans

Spanish omelette

Spanish meat, cheese and Mediterranean vegetable platter Tapenades and crispbreads

Churros, strawberries and marshmallows and hot chocolate sauce


Mexican beef chuck chilli

Vegan tofu, three-bean and roasted vegetables


Tortilla wraps

Tortilla Chips

Guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese, cajun tomato salsa. Mixed green salad

Churros, strawberries and marshmallows and hot chocolate sauce

American Pulled-

Pulled pork or beef brisket in our signature homemade bbq sauce Vegan Bean Chilli


Sliced vine tomatoes

Wood-fired sweet potato wedges with aged balsamic free-range mayo

American pancakes, berries, syrup, hot chocolate sauce.

Moroccan Soul-

Traditional lamb tagine

Vegan Seasonal Woodfired Roast with our secret tagine seasonings

Hot roasted Paprika Couscous

Homemade Flatbreads

Aubergine Zaalouk, hummus, Yoghurt & Garden Mint

Baked Apple & Almond mascarpone crumble topping.